Stand Alone Inverters

In non-grid connected areas, a stand alone system is a brilliant way to supply power to your house. If you live in an off-grid area where the cost of connecting to the grid is astronomical, speak to our system designers to achieve your ideal renewable power solution.

Our stand alone inverters are designed for remote application or off-grid power systems with battery backup. These inverters are ideal for situations where the Queensland power grid is not available but AC power is needed.

An Inverter is used as part of a solar power unit to draw DC power from batteries charged by solar arrays and convert it to AC power suitable for use in everyday appliances. Our stand alone inverters provide a variety of size and output ranges depending on your needs.

The AC output voltage of a stand alone inverter device is often the same as standard power line voltage, such as the household 240VAC common here in Brisbane. This allows the stand alone inverter to power numerous types of equipment designed to operate off of standard line power. The designed for output voltage is often provided as a regulated output. That is, changes in the load the inverter is driving will not result in output voltage change from the inverter. In a sophisticated stand alone inverter, the output voltage may be selectable or even continuously variable.

A RAPS (Remote Area Power System) or Stand Alone system uses solar panels to charge large batteries which are then used for power during non-daylight hours.Stand alone systems are normally only suitable for non-grid connected areas, however in some situations a battery backup system is essential in case of grid power outage. Ask our solar experts about battery backup if your location, home or building requires it.


See some of our stand alone inverter range below. Please get in touch with us if you would like a quote or want to know more about our range. Call us on 1300 286 307 or email us on

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