About Us

Sundriven is a leading and respected clean energy solar company in Brisbane’s North, specialising in Solar PV System installations. We service the greater Brisbane area including the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.

What We Do

We quote, design, source and install residential, commercial and off-grid renewable energy systems including Solar PV, Small Wind and Hydro systems, water heaters, pumps and Batteries.

We also quote and perform residential, commercial and off-grid system health check-ups and solar panel cleaning.

We supply and install other products such as Hot Water Systems, Solar Pumps, batteries and chargers. Send us an email using the contact form at the end of this page, or call today (1300 286 307) to enquire about your specific needs. You can learn more about our range on our products page.

We are dedicated to providing outstanding service throughout all stages of your installation.

Quote and Design

We are dedicated to providing quotes that are tailored to your needs.

While others will just quote you over the phone, just by looking at a picture of your roof with no idea of what you actually need, we will do the job properly. 

Where possible, Sundriven will come out to your house, do a careful inspection of your roof looking for shade, access and optimal position for your solar panels. We will look at your current electricity usage, discuss your future power needs and put together a quote that suits you and your home.

Our goal is for you to be completely happy with the solar power system on your roof, for years to come.


Sundriven specialises in solar panel installation, but with over 60 years combined experience, our team has experience installing all sorts of renewable energy systems.

We source and use only the latest components in all of our systems, ensuring that our product range is up to date to provide our customers with the most cutting edge technology.

Our use of quality components, combined with our experienced installers, each system brings the signature Sundriven quality and savings to your property that has made us a trusted name in renewable energy throughout Australia

After Sales Service

Have you had concerns that your solar power system is under performing? Have you noticed the LED’s on your inverter display are different to what they are usually? Have your savings from your solar power decreased as time goes on?

Sundriven offers after sales servicing, including:

–  Solar Panel Cleaning

–  Solar System Health Checkup

–  System Upgrades and Repairs


We also repair Residential Grid-Connect, Off-Grid and Commercial Systems installed by other companies.

Call us today to organise a quote for you.

1300 286 307

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Sundriven Solar

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