Solar Power Accessories

Sundriven stock a wide variety of solar power accessories to compliment our product range. Many unique and wonderful items are required to put together a functional solar power system.

Monitoring equipment

Monitoring equipment is an essential product in larger solar power systems. Photovoltaic systems need to be monitored to detect breakdown and optimize their operation. Several photovoltaic monitoring strategies depending on the output of the installation and its nature. Monitoring can be performed on site or remotely. It can measure production only, retrieve all the data from the inverter or retrieve all of the data from the communicating equipment (probes, meters, etc.). Energy metering of an inverter may be of limited accuracy and not suitable for revenue metering purposes. A third-party data acquisition system can monitor multiple inverters, using the inverter manufacturer’s protocols, and also acquire weather-related information. Data collected from a monitoring system can be displayed remotely over the World Wide Web. Some companies offer analysis software to analyze system performance. Small residential systems may have minimal data analysis requirements other than perhaps total energy production; larger grid-connected power plants can benefit from more detailed investigations of performance.

photo: DC isolator boxes

Solar DC Isolators

In the past DC isolators were mandated in 2012 through the Australian Standard for PV installations, AS/NZS 5033. This made Australia the only country in the world requiring rooftop DC isolators. Since then, they have been proven by inspection data to be the largest single source of conventional DC solar system failures. This has led the standards to change so that in some cases, a system may not require a DC isolator if other safety measures are followed.

Sundriven uses compliant DC isolator boxes and does individual testing on each unit before installation. The construction of the contacts and the material selection of each isolator box guarantee that no oxidation (small switching frequency) develops, and is thus prevented inadmissible heating-up. The switching speed at the manually operated handle does not have an effect on the switching attitude of the contacts.


Sundriven also supplies other Solar Power Accessories. Feel free to use the contact form to the right or give us a call on 1300 286 307.


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