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Zodiac Heat PumpZodiac Power Heat Pump

Install a new Zodiac Heat Pump and have continuous reliable heat delivered to your pool even when the sun isn’t shining for a lot less than you may think.
Enjoy a comfortable way of life in your own heated pool.
Zodiac Heat Pumps allow for aesthetically pleasing heating of your pool whilst also being energy efficient. Minimal space is needed so no more ugly black poly pipe on your roof and no more added costs for operating an additional pool pump, the Zodiac heat pump is the ideal solution for your solar pool heating needs.

Why buy a heat pump?
Doesn’t solar heat for free?

You may think that a solar heating system will heat your pool for free as it gets its heat from the sun. It’s true that a solar heating system may receive its heat energy from the sun but it may cost into the hundreds of dollars each year to operate, as it requires an additional solar pump to deliver the heated water to the pool.

Doesn’t a heat pump use a lot of energy to operate?

Absolutely not. Although a heat pump requires electricity to operate it draws over 80% of its heat energy from the air and it does this even though it may feel cold. Using principles similar to an air conditioner, the ambient air is drawn in and superheated within the heat pump and then transferred to the pool water.

Doesn’t a heat pump cost more to run?

On average, to extend the swimming season of your pool, a Zodiac Power Heat Pump will cost less than a couple of dollars a day, not much more than a solar pump that works with that solar system you may be considering.

Isn’t a solar system cheaper to buy outright?

Of course there are many brands and various ranges of quality but by comparable standards a Zodiac Heat Pump is more affordable. Once you take into account the addition of installation (remembering that to be effective it must go onto a north facing roof), controllers, collectors etc a Zodiac Power Heat Pump can be a far more affordable and reliable system.

  • Inexpensive to run
  • Doesn’t rely on the sun
  • Simple and inexpensive installation with no extensive plumbing
  • Requires no additional equipment
  • Is unaffected by wildlife and environmental damage

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Specifications Zodiac Power 7M Zodiac Power 9M
Recommended max pool volume m3 <35 <45
Usage output extend season* extend season*
Power input kW 1.59 2.08
Heating capacity (at 15 ̊C) kW 6.52 8.46
COP (Coefficient of performance) (at 15 ̊C) 4.1 4.1
Heating capacity (at 28 ̊C) kW 9 12
COP (Coefficient of performance) (at 28 ̊C) 4.7 4.8
Flow rate litres/minute 67 84
Hydraulic connection 1/2 union PVC 50mm 1/2 union PVC 50mm
Nominal intensity A 7.09 9.36
Acoustic pressure @10m dB(A) 37 41
Net unit size (L/W/H) mm 841/400/665 841/400/665
Net/Gross weight kg 48 50
Warranty/warranty on titanium parts 2 years/5 years 2 years/5 years