Sundriven now has stock of 390w and 400w Trina Vertex S panels!


Vertex S incorporates the new technologies found in Trina Solar’s high-power Vertex panels used in utility-scale projects. Vertex S panels, however, are smaller and lighter, making it easier to handle and install on the rooftops of homes and SMEs.

Trina Solar surveyed Australian installers to determine the most practical size and weight for panels. Findings showed that ideally, the panels need to weigh less than 23kg and be no longer than 1.8m for easy design and installation. The Vertex S modules have a high energy density and are light weight – each weighs 21kg and are 1.75m long and 1.09m wide.

The size and weight make Vertex S easier to carry and install on Australian rooftops in comparison with other high-efficiency panels.

The Vertex S has a maximum power efficiency of 21.1%, achieved by incorporating break-through technologies first applied to Trina Solar’s utility-grade Vertex solar panels. The new technologies include Trina Solar’s larger size wafers which are 210mm in diameter. Trina Solar Vertex series also incorporates new packing technologies that minimizes the space between each cell, further improving efficiency.

Sundriven stocks Trina Vertex S panels that use polyolefin elastomers (POE) instead of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) inside the module. POE encapsulant panels are better than their EVA equivalents in the hot and humid Queensland environment.

Vertex S panels comes with a 15-year warranty as standard that can be extended to 25 years upon request and evaluation.