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Xantrex GT SeriesXantrex GT Series

Redefining the grid-tie inverter is a tall order, but that’s exactly what Xantrex has done with the Xantrex GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters.

Xantrex GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters

  • Superior PV energy harvest
  • Lightweight, compact and easy to install
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Peak inverter efficiency
  • Local after-service-network
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High flexibility through wide range of MPPT-Tracking

The Xantrex GT Series Inverters offers superior PV energy harvest, easy installation, state-of-the-art design and high reliability. It’s also setting a new standard for inverter cost by offering the best price/performance ratio on the market!

Easy Installation

The Xantrex GT Series Inverters make life easier for installers of solar power systems. Its modular design and integrated, lockable 600 volt PV/Utility disconnect switch eliminates the need for costly external disconnects and results in simpler, cleaner installations. The Xantrex GT Series inverters are packaged in a rugged IP54 rated enclosure for reliable outdoor installation. To make mounting single and multiple inverters simple, the Xantrex GT Series incorporates a slotted, hook-style back plate. The Xantrex GT Series inverters are compact and lightweight; given their functional, esthetically pleasing design they can be installed inside or outside. For large systems, multiple inverters can be mounted side by side centered on standard 40cm spacing to reduce visible conduit and make installations look more attractive.

Local After-service-network

All Xantrex Products come with standard warranty that covers parts and labor for five years (and an optional ten year warranty). Our custom service network in Germany and Spain will provide installation and commissioning support, product training, and a hotline and maintenance across Europe.

Improved Local Display

Xantrex GT Series inverters come standard with a backlit 16-character two line Liquid Crystal Display. Useful for troubleshooting and system feedback, the LCD provides a variety of information including up to the minute inverter power, daily and lifetime energy production, PV array voltage and current, utility voltage and frequency, time online “selling” today, fault messages, and two installer  customizable screens. Tapping a finger close to the LCD activates the backlight display. With each tap, the display cycles through all the communication screens. The LCD is always on standby, ready to provide information even at night. Using the Xanbus ® communication in connection with the CAT5 Ethernet cables, each inverter display will report the output of the entire system in addition to individual inverter output.

Our Design Team Included the Installation Team

When Xantrex set out to develop the GT Series Grid Tie Solar Inverters we listened to the experts − renewable energy dealers and installers. The result is high performance inverters that make utility interactive installations easier and more cost effective.

Standard Communications

Our GT Series offer an isolated RS232 port and two Xanbus RJ45 communication ports. Unlike competitive inverters, no additional communication ports or cards are needed to connect a PC. The LCD can be used simultaneously, even when a PC is connected to the RS232 port. Xantrex offers the GT Solar Inverter Viewer software, which can be downloaded from our Web site.

High Reliability

To ensure the GT Series are a dependable, high-quality products, Xantrex engineers have tested it extensively during the design process using an evaluation method called Highly Accelerated Life Testing. HALT combines powerful thermal and vibration technologies to stress a product beyond its specifications. This enables our engineers to find and fix product defects that may not be discovered by testing methods typically used by other inverter manufacturers. Our sophisticated HALT techniques go beyond conventional testing, which results in improved product reliability and quality.
The GT Series was also thoroughly field tested. Prior to market introduction, the GT Series logged more than 25,000 test hours in home installations.

Superior PV Energy Harvest

Engineered to make the most of a PV grid tie system investment, our GT Series provides high power conversion efficiency, excellent thermal performance, and rapid Maximum Power Point Tracking.

Rapid Maximum Power Point Tracking

The Xantrex GT Series Maximum Power Point Tracking algorithm’s rapid response to insolation events, like moving cloud coverage, maximizes the output energy of connected PV strings. It has a wide input range from 195 to 550 volts DC ensuring the inverter begins to operate earlier in the day, and is more resistant to array shading. It also allows more flexible array sizing.

High Efficiency

For small and large systems, our GT Series offers high peak and average efficiency to convert all the valuable energy produced by solar panels into useable electricity.

Excellent Thermal Performance

As temperatures climb, solar panels and inverters heat up and produce slightly less energy. To minimize energy loss due to heat, our GT Series has a large aluminum heat sink to keep its electronics cool even in the hottest climates. So all the energy produced by the solar panels is efficiently converted to AC power and sent to the utility grid.

The GT Series is compliant to applicable European Directive and CE market:

  • EMC Directive: EN 61000-6-1, EN 61000-6-3, EN61000-3-2, EN61000-3-3
  • Low Voltage Directive: EN 50178
  • Complies with RD 1663/2000 and RD 661/2007

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GT 2.8SP GT 3.8SP GT 5.0SP
Electrical Specifications
Maximum AC power output 2800 W 3800 W 5000 W
Nominal AC power outpout 2500 W 3300 W 5000 W
AC voltage (nominal) 230 Vac 230 Vac 230 Vac
AC frequency (nominal) 50 Hz 50 Hz 50 Hz
DC input voltage range 195 to 600 Vdc 195 to 600 Vdc 240 to 600 Vdc
Peak power tracking voltage range 195 to 550 Vdc 195 to 550 Vdc 240 to 550 Vdc
Current THD < 3 % < 3 % < 3 %
Peak inverter efficiency 95 % (includes transformer) 95.3 % (includes transformer) 96 %
Euro efficiency 94 % (includes transformer) 94.5 % (includes transformer) 95.2 %
Maximum continuous output current 14.5 Aac 19 Aac 23 Aac
Over current protection 20 A 20 A 30 A
Night time tare loss 1 W 1 W 1 W
Regulatory compliance CE marked according to the following EU Directives and standards: EMC directive EN61000-6-1:2001 and EN61000-6-3/A11:2004
Low voltage directive EN50178:1997 and EN60529/A1:2000
Other approvals Royal Decree RD 661-2007, RD 1663/2000
Mechanical Specifications
Operating temperature range -25°C to 65°C -25°C to 65°C -25°C to 65°C
Enclosure type IP54 IP54 IP54
Unit weight 22.3 kg 22.3 kg 22.3 kg
Shipping weight 27.2 kg 27.2 kg 27.2 kg
Inverter dimensions (H x W x D) 59.7 x 40.3 x 13.6 cm 59.7 x 40.3 x 13.6 cm 59.7 x 40.3 x 13.6 cm
Shipping dimensions (H x W x D) 69.2 x 51.8 x 26.2 cm 69.2 x 51.8 x 26.2 cm 69.2 x 51.8 x 26.2 cm
Mounting Wall mount (mounting bracket included) Wall mount (mounting bracket included) Wall mount (mounting bracket included)
Cooling Convection (no fan required)
Display Backlit, two line, 16 character liquid crystal display
Communications RS 232 and two Xanbus RJ45 ports
Warranty 5 year parts and labor (10 year extended warranty available)
Part number / model number 864-0105 864-0104 864-1029

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]