Future Proof and Self Sufficient – SMA Sunny Island 6.0H/8.0H now has Battery Back-Up function

The battery backup function for the Sunny Island 6.0H and 8.0H battery inverters, which is now available with firmware version 3.0, guarantees a reliable energy supply during power outages. As of now, all Sunny Island 6.0H and 8.0H models will be delivered with this firmware version. This function is also available to operators of existing installations as a retrofit.

SMA customers will also benefit from further new developments offered by this firmware version. Now, for the first time, it is possible to incorporate a three-phase battery backup and self-consumption systems using Sunny Island. This move makes it possible to plan installations on an industrial scale. Sunny Design provides reliable data on self-consumption and self-sufficiency quotas, thanks to the software’s comfortable system planning features.
“Both private and industrial customers can now use Sunny Island to set up interesting, new arrangements for battery backup and self-consumption systems with the two new battery backup and three-phase functions,” explained Nico Kreutzer, Product Manager at SMA. “The battery backup function helps protect operators from incurring costs caused by potential power outages. The Sunny Island features a high level of overload capacity, which ensures maximum supply reliability.”
In addition, there are several decisive advantages for system operators. “It’s possible to  increase battery service life thanks to seasonal operation, which leads to lower system costs,” continued Kreutzer. “Optimized control automatically means the total efficiency of the system is higher.” For example, when the minimum state of charge is reached as of firmware version 3.0, functions that are no longer needed are turned off until the next opportunity to recharge with solar energy.
The new Sunny Island 6.0H/8.0H is SMA’s answer to the question of increased self-consumption and a reliable supply from the battery backup, as well as a solution with forward-looking technology for people who want to actively shape their energy supply, no matter whether their installation is a new or existing one.
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