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Santon Solar SwitchesSanton Solar Switches

Minimum dimensions and maximum terminal access make Santon Solar Switches the perfect DC Isolators for any installation.

Santon has developed a range of DC safety switches for the protection of photovoltaic solar systems. This standard range is called the Silios range.

The Santon Solar Switches were developed in close cooperation with major manufactures of solar systems and the relevant German Certification institutes.

  • UV resistant IP65 plastic enclosure
  • Red and black padlockable knob
  • Lid only removable in ‘OFF’ position
  • Easy terminal access
  • For 2 and 4 poles switching
  • Proven Santon “Snap-action” mechanism
  • IEC 60947 certified
  • DC21: up to 5A and up to 1200V DC
  • DC Isolator capable of switching 2 separate strings

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  • Available in red and black
  • Padlockable in the ‘OFF’ position


  • Designed and made in Australia
  • IP65 watertightness
  • UV resistant plastic
  • Lid only removable in ‘OFF’ position
  • Designed for optimal switch access and ease of installation


  • Santon’s reliable X-type switch
  • Switch disconnection within 3ms
  • Self cleaning blade wiping contacts
  • Available in 2 pole and 4 pole

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  • Up to 8 M16 cable glands available
  • 20/25mm conduit entry through adaptor
  • MCIV connectors available on request
  • Glands, conduits or connectors are delivered seperately on request*


  • 4x mounting holes (max M4)
  • Placed outside enclosure for easy mounting

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Type Codes and Dimensions

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Ratings 2 Pole 4 Pole
800V DC, 25A ASMXA100.16D2H-H ASMXA100.16D4H-H
850V DC, 20A ASMXA100.16D2H-H ASMXA100.16D4H-H
1000V DC, 16A ASMXA100.16D2H-H ASMXA100.16D4H-H
1200V DC, 10A ASMXA100.16D2H-H ASMXA100.16D4H-H

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