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The Plasmatronics Dingo System Plasmatronics Dingo

The Plasmatronics Dingo is a smart controller that can expand as you grow.
The Plasmatronics Dingo 20/20 is the next generation solar charge controller from Plasmatronics. We have taken the best features of the PL series controllers, drawn on our extensive industry experience and created a controller that’s in a class of its own.

  • Reliable, easy to understand, one button interface and proven, easy to learn menu structure.
  • Symmetrical charge and load currents, both 20A.
  • Industry standard four stage charging regime.
  • 12,24,32,36 and 48V selectable. Only one controller to stock.
  • Takes the heat: Full charge and full load current in 50ºC heat. All day, every day.
  • Local Service: Fast, reliable, affordable, Plasmatronics service. Long after the warranty ends.
  • Hidden Wiring: All the wires are covered.
  • Negative Ground: Easier to use in vehicles and easier to understand for people used to working with vehicle electric systems.
  • More terminals: A terminal for every wire. Wiring is simpler and quicker.
  • More Data: 512 days storage
  • New Communications Bus: Rugged new bus uses the MODBUS protocol (industry standard)
  • Enhanced one button interface: Now with Reverse gear for adjustment downwards and Fast Forward.
  • LED backlighting for the display

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Plasmatronics Dingo Termination Area

Roomy termination area with wire tie posts.

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Plasmatronics Dingo Enhanced Display

Enhanced Display

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Dingo 2020 Controller 12-48V 20A Charge 20A Load

The Dingo series of solar controllers is exceptionally versatile. They give the user unparalleled capability to adjust the function of the controller and to monitor the performance of the energy system.

  • Size: 157 x 124 x 52 mm (in box)
  • Weight: 482g (in box)