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DAQO 200W Solar Panelgeneric panel

As a leading low-cost product, DAQO 200W Solar Panels are an excellent solar investment at a great price. DAQO New Energy is one of the largest polysilicon manufacturers in China and has consistently focused on producing high quality photovoltaic (PV) products. DAQO’s manufacturing facility is one of the most automated module manufacturing lines in China. DAQO aims to develop, manufacture and sell high quality and cost effective PV modules. We’ll give you any assistance you need in selecting the right DAQOmodule for your home or mobile system.

  • High Quality & Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Cells: Produced with ultra pure 9N polysilicon
  • A Wide Range of Products: Mono-crystalline module (175-325W) and multi-crystalline module (195-315W, depending on configurations)
  • High Reliability: Guaranteed mechanical resistance to severe weather conditions for reliable power output. Compliant with IEC 61215 and IEC 61730. Certified by TUV, UL/CUL, CEC, MCS, Golden Sun.
  • Tight Tolerance: Guaranteed positive tolerance from 0-3% ensures power output reliability
  • Traceability: We provide flash report and embedded bar code ID for each module for complete traceability
  • A Wide Range of Applications: Independent systems (households, power supplies for remote areas, remote systems, ete.) and grid-connected photovoltaic power stations (residential, commercial, industrial power supply systems)
  • Warranty: 10-year limited product warranty and 25-year limited power guarantee

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Dimensions for PV Module

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I-V Curves of PV Module

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Electrical Data @ STC
Module Type Rated Maximum Power
Current at Pmax
Voltage at Pmax
Short-Circuit Current
Open-Circuit Voltage
DQ210MFA 210 5.69 36.9 5.89 45.6
DQ205MFA 205 5.57 36.8 5.78 45.5
DQ200MFA 200 5.45 36.7 5.65 45.4
DQ195MFA 195 5.33 36.6 5.52 45.3
DQ190MFA 190 5.21 36.5 5.40 45.2
DQ185MFA 185 5.11 36.2 5.30 45.1
DQ180MFA 180 5.00 36.1 5.20 45.0
DQ175MFA 175 4.86 36.0 5.17 44.8
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature
(NOCT): 45±2
Power Temperature Coefficient -0.40%/K
Open-Circuit Voltage Temperature Coefficient -0.31%/K  –
Short-Circuit Current Temperature Coefficient 0.06%/K  –

All Technical Data at STC: AM1.5 E=1000W/m2 Tc=25°C[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/2″][vc_column_text]

General Data
Cell Type 125 x 125mm Mono-crystalline
Cell Configuration 72 (6 x 12) PCS in series
Dimensions 1580 x 808 x 35mm
Weight 15kg
Front Glass 3.2mm, high transmission, low iron, tempered glass
Junction Box IP65 Rated
Cables 4.0mm2, Length: 900mm
Connecter MC4
Frame Anodized aluminium-alloy


Maximum Ratings
Operating Temperature -40~+85
Storage Temperature -20~+40
Maximum System Voltage TUV 1000V DC
UL 600V DC

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Packing Configuration
Packing Configuration 29pcs / Pallet
Loading Capacity 812pcs / 40ft


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