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Century Yuasa Enersun Solar Batteriescentury yuasa enersun

Evolved for survival

Truly evolved species can thrive in the harshest environments. With a host of evolutionary advancements including Tubular Plate Technology and Rugged Steel Encasements, Enersun batteries can survive long after less evolved species have perished.
Enersun Solar Energy Batteries: we’re winning the power struggle
Century Yuasa Enersun Solar Batteries are specifically designed to provide DC power for Remote Area Power Systems (RAPS) in the harsh Australian environment. Manufactured in Australia, it has been in service since 1991. Evolved from years of battery research and design experience, the Enersun SSR product range has set the quality benchmark in Australia for batteries in RAPS applications.
Put Enersun to work, and know that you have an evolved product, purposely
designed and manufactured for the harsh Australian environment.
Enersun Solar batteries ‘We’re winning the power struggle’.

The Enersun SSR for long service life

Enersun utilises tubular positive plate technology to provide repeatable, reliable performance. Employing a sophisticated process, the tubular plates are formed by injecting ‘active’ materials into sealed tubes.
The plate construction method confines the active material, and as a result minimises shedding which is typically associated with flat plate technology.
Century Yuasa has integrated this technology in accordance with its Quality Assurance procedures and tight production control processes to give the Enersun a proven 7-year service life in deep cycling applications.

Design Feature of Enersun SSR Batteries

  • Manufactured & Designed by Century Yuasa – A product evolved through years of research, testing, development and application to ensure maximum performance.
  • Tubular Positive Plate – Technology that allows a high acceptance of charge. Enersun tubular design provides extra protection against corrosion, maximising the life of the battery.
  • Steel Powder Coated Tray – Cells encased in robust steel trays for extra strength during transportation, and excellent group compression of cells during the service life of the battery.
  • Large ‘top-of-plate’ electrolyte reservoir – Reduces the affect that temperature and charging have on the available electrolyte. An innovation designed to minimise maintenance requirements.
  • Wrap around separators – Provide additional protection against internal battery short circuits.
  • Detailed Installation & Maintenance Manual – Minimises the risk of errors relating to the installation process.
  • 3-Year Performance Warranty – For complete financial security.

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Technical Specifications

Physical Specifications
Battery Voltage Length Width Height Acid
SSDC100-6 6 225 mm 170 mm 210 mm 3.5 l 15 kg
SSDC200-6 6 265 mm 180 mm 290 mm 5.0 l 29 kg
SSR450-6 6 360 mm 185 mm 645 mm 16.2 l 81 kg
SSR535-6 6 360 mm 185 mm 645 mm 15.6 l 88 kg
SSR700-6 6 455 mm 185 mm 645 mm 21.0 l 109 kg
SSR875-6 6 550 mm 185 mm 645 mm 25.5 l 133 kg
SSR1025-4 4 345 mm 235 mm 645 mm 20.2 l 103 kg
SSR1320-4 4 345 mm 285 mm 645 mm 25.6 l 133 kg


Electrical Specifications
Battery Voltage Ah Recommended
Minimum Charge
Maximum Charge
C10 to
C24 to
C100 to
C120 to
SSDC100-6 6 85 95 110* 112* 5.5 A 10 A
SSDC200-6 6 190 200 220* 224* 11.0 A 20 A
SSR450-6 6 335 374 450 460 22.5 A 38 A
SSR535-6 6 401 448 535 548 27.0 A 45 A
SSR700-6 6 531 593 700 718 35.0 A 60 A
SSR875-6 6 662 739 875 897 44.0 A 74 A
SSR1025-4 4 774 867 1025 1050 51.5 A 87 A
SSR1320-4 4 997 1118 1320 1352 66.0 A 113 A

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The Brand to Trust

Century Yuasa prides itself on the development, manufacture and servicing of quality products, are backed by a comprehensive performance  warranty covering every aspect of the product application.

Enersun SSR Warranty

Century Yuasa’s Enersun SSR range is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of three years from the date of installation. Should any cell be found to be defective in workmanship it will be repaired or replaced free of charge, when product is installed within six months from date of purchase and in accordance with Century Yuasa protocols and specifications.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]