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Aerl Coolmax SR MaximizerAerl Coolmax SR Maximizer


Inexpensive, efficient conversion of PV power to battery power and effective monitoring of system performance are the two most important functions of an MPPT. The all-new Aerl Coolmax SR Maximizer™ range was designed with these priorities in mind, bringing extremely high efficiency, smart thermal design and remote monitoring to the worldwide market. Available in both wall mount and 19“ rack mount models, the Aerl Coolmax SR Maximizer™ features remote monitoring via a CAN bus interface and operates at full-rated current in ambient temperatures of up to 50°C.
As the latest release in Aerl’s successful Maximizer™ MPPT line, the Aerl Coolmax SR can increase energy yields from your Solar Power System by up to 35% over standard regulators.
Founded in 1985 to pioneer the development and commercialization of the Maximizer™, the world’s first Maximum Power Point Tracker, Aerl has now supplied thousands of highly efficient and reliable Maximizer™ MPPTs to satisfied customers worldwide.

Aerl Coolmax SR Maximizer Features

  • Up to 35% increase in PV output
  • 99% super high conversion efficiency
  • 1 million sample point built-in logging
  • 12 months of daily statistics logged
  • Common Positive wiring configuration
  • Remote monitoring via CAN bus interface
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Wall mount and 19” rack mount options
  • Easy Installation and set up
  • Standard 2 Year warranty
  • C-Tick Compliant

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Aerl Coolmax SR Maximizer Rack Mount OptionAerl Coolmax SR Maximizer Rack

New to the Aerl Maximizer™ Range, the Coolmax SR Rack Mount Option is the perfect solution for large installations, including telecommunications, data centres and other applications where service life and uptime are of paramount importance.
Extra Features include:

  • 19” sub rack design
  • Modular—parallel as many controllers as required
  • Passively cooled—no cooling fans or moving parts
  • Hot pluggable capability
  • Simplified installation
  • Control Area Network
  • Master/slave back plane select

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Product Specifications

Model Number SRMV60W SRHV45W SRMV30R SRHV20R
Mount type Wall Wall Rack Rack
Output current rating 60A 45A 30A 20A
Nominal battery voltage 24 to 84V 48 to 132V 24 to 84V 48 to 132V
Maximum input voltage 180V (up to 4 panels) 290V (up to 6 panels) 180V (up to 4 panels) 290V (up to 6 panels)
Power rating 4400W @ 84V out
1200W @ 24V out
5200W @ 132V out
1900W @ 48V out
2200W @ 84V out
630W @ 24V out
2300W @ 132V out
840W @ 48V out
Weight 3.5kg 2kg
Dimensions 310 x 121 x 103 mm 294 x 125 x 92 mm
Maximum ambient temperature 50°C
Peak efficiency 99% 98.5% 99% 98.5%