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solar powered water pumpSolar Powered Water Pumps

DC Pressure Pump

A solar powered water pump runs on electricity generated by solar panels as opposed to pumps run on grid electricity or diesel power. Solar powered water pumps are more economical than their grid or diesel powered alternatives due to lower operation and maintenance costs. We supply a range of pumps to suit general use.

Our general transfer pumps are ideal for drinkable water installations such as motor home, caravan and off-grid use. Because it is a pressure pump, the pump turns on only when you turn the tap on. Our solar powered water pumps are compact and have a long life design. They are field repairable with smooth, quiet operation.

Solar powered water pumps can deliver drinking water as well as water for livestock or irrigation purposes. Solar water pumps may be especially useful in small scale or community based irrigation, as large scale irrigation requires large volumes of water that in turn require a large solar PV array. As the water may only be required during some parts of the year, a large PV array would provide excess energy that is not necessarily required, thus making the system inefficient.

Solar Powered Pond Pumps

Our pond solar powered water pumps have been selected for their improved filtration over a general use pump. Ranging from smaller units best suited for patio ponds, water features and hydroponics to larger units suitable for outdoor commercial ponds, our pond pumps provide excellent circulation and filtration for clean ponds.[/vc_column_text][vc_teaser_grid grid_columns_count=”4″ grid_teasers_count=”100″ grid_content=”teaser” grid_layout=”thumbnail_title” grid_link=”link_post” grid_link_target=”_self” grid_template=”grid” grid_layout_mode=”fitRows” grid_thumb_size=”180×180″ grid_posttypes=”post” grid_categories=”general-pumps-category” order=”DESC” el_position=”last”][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″]

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