The 99% efficient string inverter has arrived!


Sungrow will displays its high efficiency string inverters at the SNEC trade show

Sungrow 60KTL Grid Inverter

Sungrow 60KTL Grid Inverter

The SNEC PV Power Expo opens at Shanghai New International Expo Center on Tuesday.

Sungrow’s new products and best-sellers will be presented at the expo, including the first commercial string inverter with an efficiency of over 99% in the world.

Your presence to Sungrow’s booth will be high appreciated (Booth No.: E7 560 of the Sungrow Hall). At the expo – at booth E7 560 of the Sungrow Hall – the company will display solutions for desert power plants, hill power plants and distributed power plants, showing Sungrow’s design concept of accommodating the design to the local conditions.

Among the products presented, the SG60KTL string inverter has the power of 60kW and an inversion efficiency of over 99% and can be put into commercial applications.

This product has a maximum efficiency 0.4% higher than that of the products on the market and is characterized by functions including fast installation, whole-plant commissioning, PID-effect elimination, DC-arcing detection, and string monitoring and diagnosis for PV modules, and thus enjoys a high performance-to-price ratio. It can increase the yield of a PV power plant; reduce the cost of installation, commissioning and maintenance; and enhance the safety detection and efficient operation guarantee to the DC side of PV modules, and is thus attractive to PV power plant investors.

The products that will be on show also include: 3-60kW string inverters, MW-grade small container-type solutions and the 500kW multi-MPPT central-type inverter SG500MX-M, which was launched this year.

At the Sungrow string-type inverter SG60KTL release conference ‘Beyond 99%’ – from 10am in meeting room M-38 at the Expo Center, on Wednesday – Sungrow will introduce the characteristics and application benefits of the SG60KTL.